With rising Covid cases, new guidelines implemented in Karnataka


Bangalore, June 29 (IANS): The Karnataka government implemented a new set of guidelines on Wednesday as Covid cases surged in the state.

Considering the changing scenario, all residents of an apartment have been asked to undergo a Covid test if more than 15 infections are reported.

Additionally, the new directive clarified that there is no need to seal the school or apartment if cases of Covid infections are discovered. It has been advised to close the clubhouse, swimming pool, sports lounge and apartment office.

Following the spike in cases, the state government is considering imposing a fine for not wearing masks in public places.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on Covid-19 made this recommendation to contain the possible pandemic situation in the state. The health department is seriously considering the advice and is expected to take the appeal on the matter within a week.

The TAC made this recommendation following a spike in the number of Covid cases and the discovery of the Omicron sublines. During the second wave, the government imposed a fine of Rs 250 on people for not wearing masks.


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