Transforming Clark County: The Blueprint Holes As Interesting As The Details


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – This is a 219 page report, but Transform Clark County’s new master plan has many holes in it.

Among the missing elements of the plan: The Las Vegas Loop.

The tunnel project to connect the resorts along the Las Vegas Strip to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the medical district, the UNLV and – one day – the airport, is a recent development in the future of transit. County. It started out as a quick way for conventioneers to navigate the sprawling convention center, but it turned into something much more. It is not mentioned at all. Perhaps the plan’s “high-capacity transit” projects foreshadow a project with Elon Musk’s Boring Company?

Another glaring omission is planning for the Las Vegas Strip.

In many ways, the Strip is taking care of itself, with resort giants investing billions in their personal vision for the next mega-spell. Who knows what that might look like 30 years from now?

But given the county’s pride in the Strip, it’s surprising that there isn’t much talk about the economic engine that drives just about everything the county wants to do. Transform Clark County is focusing more on neighborhoods and quality of life.

And what about this drought? Of course, the master plan dovetails with the work being done by All-In Clark County. But there is nothing dramatic about the master plan that could assure residents that they shouldn’t worry about the valley’s water supply. There are a lot of mentions of water, conservation and recycling, but is there a clear plan that residents and developers will need to follow?

Details of projects involving collaboration with other agencies are scarce in the master plan. It focuses more on the “big picture” rather than on small details or deadlines.

And it’s a good thing. A master plan should guide, not micromanage. Time will tell if the six “core values” will hold together to shape the future of the county. These values ​​:

  • Unique communities, neighborhoods and lifestyles
  • Equitable access to services and amenities
  • A healthy and sustainable natural environment
  • A more connected Clark County
  • A diversified and resilient economy
  • Predictable growth and development

Some intriguing projects mentioned in the master plan include:

  • An “extra” airport that the county is pursuing in the Ivanpah Valley southwest of Las Vegas.
  • Transit projects that could include light rail on limited routes in the Las Vegas Valley
  • Microtransit – an effort to reach underserved communities with more personal transit service
  • Stadium District Development – a planning process that is already guiding development around the Allegiant Stadium
  • Sustainable park design

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