Rylan Clark tells critics to ‘fire’ Scott Mills as he replaces Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2


Rylan Clark has told critics to ‘fire’ Scott Mills after the famed BBC Radio One presenter stepped in for veteran broadcaster Ken Bruce on Radio Two. Scott, 49, covers Ken, 71, while he’s away from his mid-morning show.

PopMaster Ken’s show attracts 8.7 million listeners and enjoys the largest audience on British radio. Scott, who hosts the afternoon show on Radio One, took to Twitter to announce he would be replacing Ken this week.

He wrote: “All week I’ve been sitting for Ken Bruce on @BBCRadio2 starting at 9.30am. Each day @mimiwebb will pick their ‘Tracks of My Years’ just after 11.30am.” And his colleague Rylan rushed to his defense as the news drew some criticism.

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He tweeted: “Scott Mills is an amazing radio host and love to hear him on our @BBCRadio2. He’s also one of the gooduns. Fire x.” @regmain6 agreed: “If people don’t like listening to Scot take over from the lovely Ken Bruce then they have every right to switch to another station or switch off, but don’t disparage the guy who was chosen to sit, and not for the first time I might add.Keep up Scott, keep up the good work.

Radio One presenter Katie Thistleton asked: “He’s literally the best thing on radio, are you okay???” @MorganSproxton wrote: “People are weird. Scott is great. Change is also good once in a while.”

@Queenie_B12 tweeted: “Horrible to see all the negative comments on @scott_mills. He’s a brilliant presenter, seems like a lovely person and doesn’t deserve it.” @sylvia_marks said: “He’s a great host, sadly some find it difficult to adapt to change of any kind so whoever takes over will receive the same criticism.”

They added: “Keep playing Scott Mills, they’ll catch up soon enough.” And @rhian563 typed: “It’s ok we Radio One listeners think he’s hilarious, passionate and loves to hear it everyday. Love you byeeeee.”

Scott, a former presenter of Manchester’s Piccadilly Key 103, joined BBC Radio One in 1998. The Scott Mills Show runs from 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Thursday. The Eurovision semi-final host is known for his catchphrase ‘it’s only bley Friday’ shouted loudly over classical music and ending phone conversations with listeners with ‘I love you, goodbye’ .


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