Row of loudspeakers: Karnataka sets guidelines, Hindu bodies demand immediate implementation


Bangalore, May 10 (IANS): After the row of loudspeakers in the state, the BJP government of Karnataka swung into action. Tourism Minister Anand Singh said on Tuesday that action will be taken against temple, mosque and church authorities if they fail to follow guidelines regarding the use of loudspeakers.

There are restrictions on the use of loudspeakers, if local people make a complaint, action will be taken. The law in force throughout the country would also be applied here, said Anand Singh.

Anand Singh maintained that the guidelines would be implemented in 7-10 days. In case of violations, actions will be taken against the authorities of places of worship, he said.

Decibel limits are set for industrial areas (75 decibels in the morning and 70 decibels in the evening). In commercial areas, it is set at 55 decibels and 65 decibels in the morning and evening. For residential areas, it is set at 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. In quiet areas, it’s 50 decibels in the morning and 40 decibels at night, Singh said.

Meanwhile, the memo signed by Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar and published in the media said the guidelines in this regard are to be implemented with immediate effect as instructed by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

The meeting on this issue was attended by Additional Chief Secretary of Home Department, DG and IGP Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Police of Bengaluru, Additional General Counsel, Principal Secretary of Legal Department, Secretary of the Pollution Control Board and the Secretary of the Minority Welfare Department.

The provisions of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 and the subsequent Government of Karnataka Order dated August 13, 2022 were discussed for implementation.

Bommai ordered that the rules and order of the Karnataka government be strictly enforced.

The guidelines state that all users of loudspeakers or sound systems must obtain written permission from the designated authority within 15 days. Those who do not obtain permission must voluntarily withdraw or must be removed by the designated authority.

However, Pramod Muthalik, founder of the Shri Ram Sena, said the unrest would continue until the guidelines are implemented.


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