New Delhi Airport Guidelines: Passengers arriving on international flights must undergo a 7-day quarantine



It has been a while since India started its domestic flight operations and although international flights have not yet resumed, some flights are allowed to land as special cases. For those passengers, Delhi Airport has issued a new set of guidelines, requiring them to undergo a seven-day institutional quarantine at their own expense. This should be followed by 7 days of home quarantine.

A commitment that the passengers accept this obligation is signed by the person or the head of the family and kept by the mission / embassy abroad before the booking is confirmed.

If the passenger plans to stay in Delhi NCR, they will have to undergo the mandatory health check which includes a primary check by the Airport Health Officials (APHO). This includes thermal temperature control by discreetly mounted and highly accurate mass control cameras.

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The guidelines further require passengers to complete self-report health forms. These forms will be collected on arrival. To save time, fill out the forms on board the flight. Passengers will also need to undergo a secondary check at the Delhi government post, which they will be allowed to go to at the approved quarantine location.

State health officials from UP / Punjab / Haryana / Rajasthan and Uttarakhand states are placed in separate triage facilities established in the Meeters and Greeters area and passengers from these states are mandated to report directly to the respective state posts.

Passengers arriving at the first disembarkation airport in India are advised to be quarantined in the city of arrival.

Exemption can only be granted to passengers if they belong to one of the four categories – Pregnant women, Victims of a death in the family, Suffering from a serious illness (Description to be provided) and Parents accompanied by ‘children under 10 years old.



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