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LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Clark County School District Board of Trustees first voted to fire the district superintendent before backtracking and overturning the firing of Jesus Jara, and now it has agreed to remain in the position he has held since 2018.

On October 28, the district council voted 4 to 3 to fire Jara “for convenience”, but then reversed the firing on November 18 when a member changed their vote.

Jara announced in a Friday night statement that he would return to work Monday as superintendent after reaching an agreement “with the majority of the board on the best course forward for Clark County’s 305,000 students.”

The district has seen “too many adult-centric distractions that have caused instability for our students, our parents, and our team,” Jara said. “This is unacceptable, and now is the time to move forward.”

The district council confirmed the agreement in a separate statement and said it would “continue to strive to make the relationship between the council and the superintendent more collaborative, respectful and supportive.”

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After the dismissal, Jara alleged harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment by some directors.

On Friday, Jara said he had received assurances that there would be clear boundaries between his management duties and the board’s oversight responsibilities.

Jara’s contract runs until January 15, 2023.

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