Latest face mask guidelines for passengers traveling with TUI, Ryanair, Jet2 and more


Passengers have faced frequently changed travel rules throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to help prevent the spread of the virus. Even though many of the stricter rules have been relaxed, there is still some essential information air travelers need to know – particularly about the use of face coverings.

Restrictions have not yet been completely lifted on air travel, especially as the rules differ around the world and this is reflected in the policies of different airlines. For some destinations, passengers must still provide a negative Covid test result and complete a passenger locator form. Face coverings aren’t required on flights to many resorts, but there are still places that require travelers to wear a mask.

Here are the latest face covering requirements for some of the most popular airlines, according to ChronicleLive.


Face coverings are no longer required on TUI Airways flights to or from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. However, in line with UK Government and EU Charter guidelines, it is ‘strongly recommended’ that you always wear a mask throughout your flight.

It is mandatory for all customers aged six and over traveling to Italy on TUI Airways or to destinations in the United States to wear an FFP2 mask throughout their flight. Don’t forget to bring proof if you are medically exempt. All the details here.


Face masks are no longer required on routes between England, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden, Gibraltar, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland and Iceland. They are optional and the choice of passengers will be respected.

For flights to, from and within Italy, Germany and Austria, every passenger aged six and over must wear an FFP2 face mask during the flight. Similarly, for flights to, from and within France, all passengers are required to wear either an FFP2 mask or a surgical mask if they are aged six or over. Cloth masks, visors, scarves and valve masks are not accepted on French flights.

On all other routes, all passengers aged six and over must wear an appropriate face mask (no scarf, visor or valve mask) when travelling. You may not be able to board without one. All the details here.


It is no longer necessary to wear a face mask at Jet2 airports or on board Jet2 aircraft. However, in line with UK government guidelines, the airline recommends that its passengers continue to wear face coverings and some travelers may need to wear one once they arrive at their overseas destination.

There may also be additional restrictions on face masks at certain locations, and age rules may also differ by destination. These apply to all passengers, whether fully vaccinated or not.

Mask rules differ between airlines and destinations

Failure to wear a face mask in certain destinations may result in a fine from local authorities. Please check the FDO website for more information. You need a medical type mask or fitted face covering (reusable or disposable) and coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or similar items are not acceptable. All the details here.


All passengers must wear a face covering at the airport and on board their flight. Some countries require it to be a surgical mask (for exemptions see Ryanair’s Terms and conditions transport). Anyone traveling to, from or within Italy, Austria or Germany must wear an FFP2 face mask. All the details here.


All passengers over the age of six must wear a face mask and only the following masks are permitted: surgical and FFP2 without valve. If there are passengers who should not wear them for medical reasons, they must present a negative PCR test carried out within 48 hours before departure, together with a document proving the exemption.

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Passengers who do not have face coverings or who are identified as asymptomatic at the airport will not be permitted on the flight.

British Airways

British Airways is an international airline serving the world, so it is obligated to ensure that customers follow the rules at their arrival destination.

On flights to destinations where wearing a mask is not mandatory, British Airways will allow travelers to make a personal choice about whether or not to wear a mask.

Some places still require wearing a mask on the plane and in some cases at the terminal. Complete list here.

Wizz Air

It is mandatory to wear a face mask during a Wizz Air flight when traveling to or from a country where it is still mandatory by local law. When neither the country of departure nor that of destination requires it, wearing a mask is subject to personal choice. For flights longer than four hours, the airline recommends passengers wear additional masks.

Virgin Atlantic

The long-haul carrier encourages everyone to respect the mask preferences of other passengers, with coverings still available for those who wish to wear them. Customers may be asked to wear a mask when boarding or disembarking from flights, in accordance with the regulations of the airport of departure or arrival or the destination country / US state.

Masks are the personal choice of the passenger on services to or from the United States, Pakistan, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Saint -Vincent and the Grenadines, from Trinidad and Tobago.

For the following routes operating to or from the UK, masks are still mandatory for customers aged 12 and over until further notice: Delhi, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Lagos, Mumbai, Shanghai, Tel Aviv .


The airline is following Scottish government guidelines to strongly recommend – rather than legally mandate – the wearing of face coverings on board. Passengers and crew members can decide if they want to wear a face covering on board. All the details here.

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