jewar: ‘an air of development in Jewar, focus on the airport, jobs for locals’ | News from Noida

Noida: Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh told TOI that he will focus on rapid industrialization in the outskirts of Jewar International Airport during his second term so that local youths will have better job opportunities.
“The industrial development of Jewar and the completion of all airport-related works will be my focus areas. I will work to bring multinational companies to the region. I have breathed an atmosphere of development into the region over the past five years. And I want to continue this momentum. Jewar is the same spot where bullets would be fired over two inches of land. But we chose the path of development, and that’s why the farmers agreed to donate land to the airport,” Singh told TOI. He would now prioritize bringing as many industries as possible to the region so that young people can find jobs.
Singh won the Jewar seat by 56,315 votes. He got 1.17 lakh of the vote (50.5%), while Avtar Singh Bhadana, the candidate put forward by the SP-RLD alliance, got only 60,890. Several major projects like the airport Noida International, Film City and Medical Device Park played a major role in Singh’s win for the second time.
Singh added that the focus would be more on developing health and education infrastructure in the Jewar assembly constituency this time around.
“We have private hospitals in Jewar, but poor people cannot get free medical care in such expensive places. So I will try to bring a government health facility to the area, as well as government educational institutes.
On the issue of some farmers complaining about not getting the right amount of compensation and alternative plots after donating land for the airport, Singh said the administration had dealt with the majority of these cases and he would settle the rest now.
Blaming the opposition for trying to cash in on the controversy surrounding ninth-century king Mihir Bhoj, Singh said development work should have been the voting board. “It is a tight slap in the faces of these so-called great rulers, who have appointed themselves spokespersons for society and caste, by the people of Jewar. They tried to rake in this controversy for polling profits, but failed miserably. Interestingly, I won even in those stands where they tried hardest to spread hate. GB Nagar has completely rejected the politics of negativity,” he said.

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