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The Indian government has announced new travel guidelines for international passengers arriving at Indian airports. Under the new guidelines, children under the age of 5 have been exempted from Covid testing before and after arrival. Published by the Indian Ministry of Health, the guidelines further state that if the child exhibits symptoms of Covid upon arrival or during the period of home quarantine, they should undergo testing and be treated according to established protocol. The government has released the latest guidelines for international travel as Covid continues to rise in other countries and will take effect from November 12.

Here’s what the latest guidelines say about international arrivals to India-

– If a fully vaccinated traveler comes from a country with which India has reciprocal agreements for mutual acceptance of WHO-approved Covid-19 vaccines, they will be cleared out of the airport and will need to monitor themselves- even his state of health for 14 days. arrival.

– If partially or unvaccinated travelers visit India, they will be required to submit samples for the post-arrival Covid-19 test at the point of arrival, after which they will be allowed to leave the airport. They will also need to be quarantined at home for seven days and retested on the 8th day of their arrival in India and, if they are negative, further monitor their health for the next seven days.

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– International travelers arriving through seaports and land ports will also have to comply with the same protocol as above, according to the new guidelines.

The government also added that passengers showing symptoms during the screening will be immediately isolated and taken to a medical facility according to protocol. In addition, contacts of the suspected case and co-passengers seated in the same row, three rows in front and three rows behind as well as the identified cabin crew will also need to be tested. In addition, all community contacts of those travelers who test positive (during the home quarantine period) will be quarantined for 14 days and tested in accordance with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) protocol, according to the guidelines. guidelines.





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