Following ICMR guidelines, says Satyendar Jain on fewer Covid tests


New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS): On fewer Covid tests being carried out in the nation’s capital, Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendar Jain said on Sunday “we are following ICMR guidelines”.

Speaking to the media, Jain said: “Less testing does not reduce the number of Covid cases. Testing is being done according to ICMR protocol.”

The minister added that Delhi was carrying out about 60,000 to 1 lakh tests every day as per ICMR guidelines.

“The ICMR had to develop the guidelines thoughtfully,” he added.

Delhi is expected to report a further reduction in the number of daily Covid cases for a third straight day on Sunday, Jain said, adding there could be 17,000 new infections.

He also pointed out that the infection rate will also decrease.

Jain pointed out that ongoing restrictions like night and weekend curfews have started to yield results as fewer Covid cases are being reported in the nation’s capital.

“The cases have started to decline for the last three days in the city now. We will be watching the daily trajectory for three to four more days,” Jain said as he was asked to ease the curbs.

He also pointed out that most Covid patients who died were comorbid or unvaccinated.

As India marked the first anniversary of its Covid vaccination campaign on Sunday, Jain said the capital had administered the first dose to its entire eligible population, while around 80% were fully vaccinated.

He called on those who have not taken their vaccines to get them without further delay.


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