Dublin Airport issues new guidelines for travelers ahead of June bank holiday weekend


Dublin Airport has issued new guidelines for tourists as they launch a plan to address major issues.

They will establish a waiting area for passengers who arrive early at the airport and they will start screening travelers to allow them access to the gates.

People arriving to catch their flight can only get to the departures level two and a half hours early.

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RTE News shared the update listing the new changes that will be rolled out soon.

The daa said he was “confident” he had a solid plan to address the concerns and was not considering a repeat of last Sunday.

They shared: “The daa plan involves triaging access to terminals and allowing only departing passengers on the departures level whose flights depart within two and a half hours to short-haul and three and a half hour destinations. for long-haul destinations.

“The new daa plan advises passengers who need to leave Dublin Airport in the coming period to arrive at the airport at least two and a half hours before the departure of short-haul flights to Europe and the UK and at least three and a half hours for long haul flights.

The daa will also ask passengers who arrive too early for their flight to wait in a “passenger waiting area” as they give “special attention” to passengers who will require special assistance and important travelers traveling with autism.

Dublin Airport has new guidelines for tourists as it launches plan to address major issues

For passengers departing from Dublin Airport, they will only be able to access the “appropriate terminals” after presenting “documentation indicating the time of the flight” as screening measures are put in place .

This documentation includes a booking confirmation or a boarding pass.

The daa will also place a “weather blanket, seating and restrooms in the waiting area”.

Dublin Airport explained that this will happen “as soon as possible in the next few days after testing this system over the June bank holiday weekend”.

The daa said: “While challenges remain, the steps we have taken will very significantly mitigate the risks this weekend and beyond.

“And, should any unforeseen issues arise, we have appropriate escalation and triage mechanisms to ensure no passenger misses their flight.”

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