COVID-19 and Monkeypox: UAE issues new guidelines for air travelers


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

As the summer holidays approach, the demand for air travel is increasing and is expected to peak in July.

Travel agencies across the UAE are seeing an increase in bookings across almost all sectors.

With this in mind, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention has issued new guidelines on COVID-19 and monkeypox for anyone wishing to travel abroad in the coming months. .

Before traveling

• Check Covid-I9 statistics in areas where a new

variety spreads and travel only when necessary.

• Vulnerable people such as the elderly, diabetics and people with cardiovascular disease should avoid traveling to areas where the virus is spreading unless necessary.

• Complete the recommended doses of the vaccine


• Wash your hands regularly (with soap and water or disinfectants with 70% alcohol)

• Maintain physical distance from others

▪ Avoid crowded places

• Consult your doctor immediately if you feel ill

• Adhere to local Covid-19 guidelines for travel, transport and gatherings

After traveling

• Perform a PCR test to ensure your safety and avoid spreading the virus.

Prevention of monkeypox

The ministry affirmed that it is cooperating with other health authorities to implement an epidemiological surveillance system, in accordance with the highest global practices, to ensure sustainable effectiveness and community protection against communicable diseases, and a rapid detection, as well as efforts to limit the spread of all diseases and viruses, including monkeypox.

“All health authorities nationwide are committed to a unified national medical guide for treating individuals infected with monkeypox and their contacts. This includes complete isolation of infected individuals in hospitals until they recover, while putting quarantining their close contacts for a period of at least more than 21 days at home and monitoring their health, while ensuring that they adhere to home isolation.”

The ministry called for obtaining information from official sources in the UAE and refraining from spreading rumors and false information, stressing the importance of keeping abreast of developments and guidelines issued by UAE health authorities.


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