Clark Township residents question vague annexation proposal


An annexation of nearly 300 acres with no attached project is raising questions among Clark Township residents.

Pulte Homes of Indiana is proposing an annexation of nearly 295 acres and would bring the land into the city with agricultural zoning. The land is located south of County Line Road, east of Five Points Road and north of Main Street.

On Monday evening, the Greenwood Plan Advisory Board held a public hearing on the annexation, and a representative from Pulte Homes, along with several local residents, spoke about the proposal.

Rex Ramage of Pulte Homes told the commission that this annexation is the second phase of a previous annexation the commission had before it in November. At that time, the developer came to the city asking for an annexation of over 300 acres of land east of Interstate 65. However, as the annexation made its way within of the city council, the number of acres was lowered to just over 104. after one of the owners withdrew from the process. Rather than making parts of the annexation unintended, the developer decided to reduce the request. The annexation was approved by the city council in November.

Ramage told the commission on Monday that there were no plans for the planning commission to consider in connection with annexation, he said.

“There are no development plans for your consideration or approval tonight,” Ramage said. “It’s just annexation.”

During the public hearing on annexation, several residents asked questions about the purpose of annexation and how it would affect them, while others want to tell the commission about their concerns about future development.

Clark Township resident John McManus told the commission that he attended the first hearing in November and had several questions about how the latest annexation would affect him and his property. he declared. Although his property is not annexed, it would be completely surrounded by Greenwood on all sides if annexation is approved.

Ramage told McManus that the annexation would not immediately affect his property, as there are no immediate plans for development.

Dr. Robert Robinson, whose property would be bordered by the annexation, also spoke at the public hearing. Like McManus, he had also attended the November hearing. Robinson told the commission he was concerned about how future development would affect his flight path from a private airfield he operates on his property.

“Flight path is my main concern at this point,” Robinson said. “We talked about this last time and I would just like to know if there have been any additional thoughts, progress or comments…on this.”

Robinson told the commission he was taking off and landing his plane from the west and just wanted there to be a clear flight path, he said.

John Hakes, whose family trust owns land east of the annexation, told the commission he was concerned that all the land would become housing. He also expressed concerns about how this would affect drainage, as there is already a drainage problem in the area. While neither for nor against annexation, Hakes wants them to pay attention to drainage issues, he said.

“I never thought when I was growing up … that Greenwood would be right at the end of the field,” Hakes said. “I just want to make sure the land doesn’t get turned into a swamp.”

After the end of the public hearing, the John Shell Plan Commission expressed concerns about the impact of the development on the Robinson airstrip. While not sure how the FAA views Robinson Airstrip, Shell knows it is extremely strict on development near Indy South Greenwood Airport, he said.

“That’s something we may need to look at as they develop,” Shell said. “This is a 40-year-old airstrip. … You wouldn’t want to put anything dangerous, either for the pilot, the passengers or the people on the ground.

The commission voted unanimously to give the annexation a favorable recommendation and forwarded it to the city council. The annexation was presented to city council earlier this month and will go through two more readings before a final vote is taken in June.

If the land is annexed, it will become part of City Council District 3 and will result in a realignment of the district. The homes on the lot would be serviced by Clark-Pleasant Community Schools and the Johnson County Public Library, according to city documents.

Part of the annexation area is currently served by the Needham Community Volunteer Fire Department, with the Greenwood Fire Department serving a parcel to the west of Five Points Road. Once annexed, Greenwood would serve the entire area, according to city documents.


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