Clark, the NJ Dinosaur House is back for the fun


Pardon my childish fascination with this modest house on Valley Road in Clark.

I mean, while anyone would notice a dinosaur on a lawn, I was born and raised there in Union County. Right next to Rahway, actually. And even spent a year at Clark, the last year my parents were together when I was 11.

Now, the life-size dinosaur skeleton wasn’t there at the time, and I don’t know when it arrived.

All I know is that he’s been there for many years. The mischievous people who live there often decorated it for the holidays. You will see a Santa hat on the skull at Christmas. Maybe bunny ears at Easter. A skeletal hand holding an American 4th of July flag.

I wrote about this Weird NJ type oddity in July when I was passing by and noticed they finally got serious.

They used their prehistoric lawn decoration to voice an opinion on the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade.

Image via Jeff Deminski

Image via Jeff Deminski

Now they have returned to their roots. I was coming back from Linden after seeing my stepfather when I noticed the protest was gone. Their new August design celebrated a fun summer activity.

Image via Jeff Deminski

Image via Jeff Deminski

Old Dino Bones now sports a fishing cap and works with a rod. But yuck! Is he catching his own?!?

Image via Jeff Deminski

Image via Jeff Deminski

Sure ! A dino hooked and at least one other already in this net. Hey, I won’t judge.

I always wondered what the neighbors thought of this quirky fun on the lawn. At the very least, it helps guide the pizza delivery guy.

“We are diagonally across from the T-Rex.”

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