Clark Airport sees first departing flight


THE first test flight on departure took place successfully on Tuesday at the new terminal of Clark International Airport in Pampanga.

Bi Yong Chungungco, CEO of Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corp. (Lipad), said the national test departure was made by a Cebu Pacific flight to Cebu City.

“We are encouraged by the cooperation as well as the enthusiasm of everyone to ensure that all systems are checked and preparations are made for the smooth running of airport processes,” said Chungungco.

The first domestic arrival flight is scheduled today, Wednesday, with a Philippine Airlines flight from Cebu City.

Departing passengers were dispatched by Lipad and government officials along with representatives from Cebu Pacific and guest media.

Test flights are part of the measures taken by the airport to ensure that all processes run smoothly and that all personnel are trained in the latest technologies in place.

The trials are being conducted after several online workshops, and the ground exercise further helps stakeholders address concerns and allows airlines and ground officers to familiarize themselves with the new facility and check-in process. airport.

Andrew Tan, director and deputy head of airport operations at Changi Airports International, cited support from all stakeholders for the rehearsal to ensure that all members of the airport team are aware of their duties.

“It’s also encouraging to hear the ‘wows’ from the passengers when they see the airport,” Tan said.

He added that the new terminal “is a game-changer in the Philippines” with the new systems in place.

Departing passengers also included Bases Conversion Development Authority responsible officer and CEO Aristote Batuhan, who was among the first to try out the airport’s self-service check-in features, which include self-service kiosks. -service for common use and an automated luggage deposit.

Passengers simply scan a QR code displayed on the screen and continue with the check-in process using their smartphone. The process includes flight selection, baggage check-in, and printing of boarding passes and baggage tags.

Another feature that passengers tried out was the airport’s automatic tray retrieval system, which allows for faster security checks. The system automatically returns baggage trays to the point of departure once passengers have collected their belongings there, minimizing the hassle of waiting for other passengers to finish using the trays.

“We have invested in this equipment to further ensure both the safety of all of our guests and the smooth running of the check-in process,” said Chungunco.


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