CIAC eases business regulations in Clark


FIRST FLIGHT Passengers wait for their flight at the new Clark International Airport in Pampanga on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The first plane to take off from the airport carried 132 passengers to Cebu. The new terminal will open early next year. PHOTO J. GERARD SEGUIA

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE: The Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) said Thursday that locators at the public Clark Aviation Complex will recover quickly from the adverse effects of the pandemic due to the agency’s ease of doing business.

“As we navigate the new normal setup, the Ease of Doing Business policies will rightly serve as a springboard for our existing and future locators to quickly recover from the business disruption and loss of revenue caused by the pandemic,” CIAC President Aaron Aquino said in a statement.

Aquino added that the agency’s policies ensure the registration and rental processes are transparent and streamlined with fewer document requirements and fewer steps for less processing time.

The statement was made after a recent virtual meeting of CIAC leaders with Anti-Bureaucracy Authority staff on the regulatory management system and regulatory impact assessment issues.

Aquino, a former police general, said his marching orders to the CIAC leadership team are “to simply abide by the 3-7-20 rule: ensure simple transactions are completed in three days, complex transactions in seven days and highly technical transactions in 20 days.”

CIAC has operationalized these measures since President Rodrigo Duterte approved Republic Act 11032 or the “Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018.”

“By facilitating business transactions, we can create an ideal destination for investors and improve the business climate here at Clark, renew our competitiveness, encourage more foreign investment and promote post-pandemic economic recovery,” he said. he adds.

CIAC has established its Office of Strategic Development and Corporate Management for regulatory review, evaluation and monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of its policies that affect the operations of agency locators , the statement said.

Civil Aviation Complex Locators gave CIAC a score of 97.78% for its conduct of transactions and service delivery in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by a third-party statistician in November 2021. FREDERICK SILVERIO CIAC is the government enterprise responsible for developing the Clark Civil Aviation Complex, home to the private Clark International Airport, as well as the mixed-use Clark Global City business district, and several locators of businesses related to the freight and aviation.


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