Chicago officials issue safety guidelines ahead of Lollapalooza


There’s a lot of excitement in the air with Lollapalooza kicking off on Thursday.

Dozens of people lined up on Wednesday for tickets to the four-day event, which is expected to draw massive crowds – up to 100,000 people each night.

The iconic, world-famous music festival features more than 170 bands, plus big names like Metallica, J. Cole and Green Day.


Here’s what attendees should know: The festival boundaries extend from Michigan Avenue to Lake Shore Drive, and from Roosevelt Road to Randolph Street.

Spectators will be subject to an airport-style search, including pat-downs. Absolutely no schoolbags or multi-pocketed purses allowed – see-through bags only!

Rich Giudice of the Office of Emergency Management says public safety remains their top priority.

“For an event of this magnitude, you will have a forward command post on site. You will see a lot of steel fencing around the venue itself, you will see 8ft fences, 12ft fences, you’ll see the jersey wall you will see salt trucks, and we have hundreds of cameras within the permit footprint itself and outside of an expanded permit footprint,” Guidice said.

Additionally, Metra says they expect more than 100,000 passengers to travel downtown. Passengers are advised to download the Ventra app for faster access to trains. They also have reduced prices for tickets.

Finally, motorists, pedestrians and residents should be aware of the street closures that will be in effect.


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