Center relaxes international travel guidelines and exempts children from COVID testing before and after arrival



Latest news from Covid-19 international travel today: As coronavirus cases have declined dramatically, the central government on Thursday relaxed guidelines for international travel and allowed children under the age of five not to be tested for COVID before and after arriving at airports. This decision would be relaxed to stimulate tourism and international flights. The Center said the standard operating procedure will be valid from November 12 until further notice.Also Read – IND vs NZ: Rohit Sharma and Co. shut out New Zealand as India wins 3rd T20I in 73 races

In the revised order, however, the central government said that if the children showed symptoms of coronavirus infections upon arrival or during the home quarantine period, they would undergo testing and be treated according to established protocol. Read also – Indian army hoists 76-foot-high tricolor at 15,000 feet in Ladakh | To concern

The central government stressed that the global trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to decline with some regional variations, and mentioned the need to monitor the ever-changing nature of the virus and the evolution of the worrisome variants of SARS-CoV- 2 must remain relevant. Also Read – SII Urges Government To Accelerate Movement Of Covishield Stock Increase

The Department of Health further said that the existing guidelines that were released on February 17 with subsequent additions for international arrivals to India were formulated using a risk-based approach.

The ministry again added that in view of increasing immunization coverage across the world and the changing nature of the pandemic, existing guidelines for international arrivals in India have been revised.

“Children under 5 are exempt from pre-arrival and post-arrival testing. However, if they show symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival or during the home quarantine period, they should undergo testing and be treated according to established protocol, ”he said.

Full guidelines here:

  1. As per the guidelines, if travelers are fully vaccinated and come from a country with which India has reciprocal agreements for the mutual acceptance of WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines, they will be allowed to leave the country. airport and will not need to undergo a home quarantine.
  2. However, travelers will self-monitor their health for 14 days after arrival.
  3. If they are partially or unvaccinated, then they must take action that includes submitting a sample for COVID-19 testing after arriving at the point of arrival.
  4. If travelers during the home quarantine develop signs and symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19 on a retest, they will self-isolate immediately and report to their healthcare facility on the next day. closer.
  5. Disembarkation of travelers must be done by ensuring physical distancing and thermal control.
  6. The self-report form completed online will be presented to airport health personnel.
  7. Passengers showing symptoms during screening should be immediately isolated and taken to a medical facility.



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