CAA lists top travel guidelines for a hassle-free vacation before a big getaway


Millions of holidaymakers are set to travel again after two years of disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who have not traveled since the restrictions were first imposed may find the widespread resumption of travel quite overwhelming.

For many, it will seem so long since they managed to fly away. So the UK Civil Aviation Authority is providing guidance to remind consumers of their rights and help them get back to a hassle-free holiday.

From essential booking advice to the best advice to make the experience as smooth as possible, the CAA guidelines have been established to help passengers understand their travel rights. A spokesperson for the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority said: “As the pandemic recovery continues and overseas holidays increase, we want to make sure consumers know their rights. and have the knowledge they need to return to a hassle-free vacation.”

Here is CAA travel advice:

  • Book an ATOL Protected Holiday for additional financial protection. ATOL protection means you’ll get support and financial assistance in the unlikely event that your travel agency goes out of business.
  • If your flight is delayed your airline has a duty to take care of you. This may include the provision of food and drink, as well as accommodation if you are delayed overnight.
  • For special help , notify your airline and arrive at the airport early. Staff at accessibility points will assist travelers with reduced mobility in their travels. More information can be found here.
  • Check your luggage indemnity and content to avoid unforeseen costs or having to give up personal property. Airlines will have baggage weight allowances and airport security restrictions limit the amount of liquids allowed on board and prohibit certain items.
  • Lost, delayed or damaged baggage is the responsibility of the airline and the amount of compensation you should receive will depend on the value of what you lost. Most airlines will reimburse you for the bare necessities you need to purchase when your baggage is delayed. More information can be found here.
  • Don’t forget to check the Covid-19 restrictions to your destination.
  • If your flight is canceled you should be given the option of a refund or alternative travel arrangements as soon as possible. This may include flights on other airlines or a new flight at a later date at the convenience of the passenger.
  • If you have complained to an airline and are not satisfied with the response you can contact the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR). Where an airline is not registered for ADR service, passengers can raise concerns with the UK Civil Aviation Authority service. Passenger Advice and Claims Team.

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