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COVID-19 in numbers

New Mexico health officials reported 1,055 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, bringing the statewide total to 275,209 as of today. The DOH has designated 242,280 of these cases as recovered.

Bernalillo County registered 235 new cases, followed by 172 in San Juan County and Doña Ana County with 113. Santa Fe County registered 34 new cases.

The state also announced 10 more deaths, including the 171st in Santa Fe County: a man in his 60s hospitalized with underlying conditions; there have now been a total of 5,049 deaths statewide. As of Friday, 397 people were hospitalized with COVID-19, 27 fewer than the day before. The DOH is expected to issue a three-day update on cases, deaths and hospitalizations this afternoon.

Currently, 82.1% of New Mexicans aged 18 and over have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 72.4% are fully immunized. Of this demographic, 9.8% received a booster injection. In the 12-17 age group, 62.5% of people have received at least one dose and 54.3% are fully vaccinated. In Santa Fe County, of those 18 and older, 92.8% have received at least one dose and 82.3% are fully immunized.

New Mexicans can sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine here and check their eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccine booster here.

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LFC: NM not meeting the dunning declaration requirements

New Mexico has failed to meet reporting requirements for its use of federal stimulus funds, according to a new report from the Legislative Finance Committee. According to the report, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 allocated $ 1.75 billion to the state, with the federal government requiring states to submit annual reports on their stimulus plans. New Mexico’s plan, however, did not include seven of the 11 minimum requirements. “Although there are no apparent consequences for non-compliance, the public and the legislature do not have a clear plan on the part of the executive for the use of these funds and the how the executive proposes to ensure accountability and transparency, “the report said, noting that other states and entities” have submitted stronger plans “which included key priorities, timelines,” strategies for disproportionately involving and serving affected communities… and the use of evidence in funding decisions ”. So far, the state has spent over $ 682 million, mostly to replenish the UI trust fund – about $ 656 million – and for the state’s vaccine lottery: $ 10 million. dollars, and an additional $ 4.3 million is incurred for comparable expenses. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Administration, Debbie Romero, said in a written statement that the report in question only reflected the first five months of ARPA funding. “We are still building the programs and initiatives to deploy all funds, which will be better reflected in future quarterly reports,” the statement said. “We continue to follow federal government guidelines and maintain communication as those guidelines evolve. Currently, we are not at risk of losing funds. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office has maintained its authority over federal stimulus funds, which has led to a legal battle currently before the state’s Supreme Court.

The sheriff collects several weapons, ammunition from Rust “Propeller truck”

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office recovered 12 revolvers, a gun and boxes with various ammunition from a “propeller truck,” according to an inventory filed by Detective Alexandra Hancock, located at Bonanza Creek Ranch, the site of the fatal shooting on October 21 of director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the Rust film set. The items were recovered following the issuance of a search warrant containing details of an interview with the film’s gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, in which she told investigators she had “checked out” dummies “and made sure they were not” hot “bullets” and, after the incident, the guns were placed in a safe on a propeller truck on the set. Gutiérrez Friday released its first public statement on the shooting, via her lawyers, conveying her condolences to Hutchins’ friends and family and reiterating that she had “no idea where the bullets were coming from live”. Lawyers Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence also alleged in the statement that the Rust The set was not safe, said Gutierrez Reed: “Fought for training, days to maintain guns and the proper time to prepare for gunfire, but was ultimately canceled by production. and its department. The whole production has become unsafe due to various factors including the lack of safety meetings. It wasn’t Hannah’s fault. Actor and producer Alec Baldwin, who fired the shot that killed Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, also spoke to paparazzi in Vermont, describing Hutchins as “my friend” but reiterating that the Sheriff’s Department from Santa Fe County had told him, “… many times, don’t comment on the ongoing investigation and I can’t.” Responding to questions, Baldwin said he would support new gun safety measures on set and that he had not planned Rust would continue filming, before asking the paparazzi to stop following him and his family.

If you are happy and you know it

The city of Santa Fe has started collecting customer feedback from its community centers and libraries, through emoji kiosks. Specifically, the emoji choices range from a smiley face to a face with a frown, followed by the ability for customers to leave specific kudos or complaints. So far, officials say reviews on city sites – the Genoveva Chavez Community Center, Main Library, Airport, and Town Hall, for example – have been overwhelmingly positive – a boon for residents. city ​​employees. “After our long building closures and the stress COVID has placed on staff, it’s always nice to hear positive feedback,” Maria Sanchez-Tucker, director of the libraries division, told SFR. On the flip side, when users leave reviews, Sanchez-Tucker says the information helps inform his work. “If the feedback is negative, it’s rarely negative, but sometimes people put specific examples on it,” she says. “We’re able to address it if it’s specific enough, and then we can follow up on those issues.” The community engagement office implemented the kiosk project to better understand the public’s experience in high traffic areas, said office manager, City Clerk Kristine Bustos-Mihelcic, and started collecting data in July. Although still nascent, they could also be used for public events. “We’ll see how we can integrate them into additional services in the future,” she says.


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this week and will speak alongside White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, United Nations Special Envoy Mike Bloomberg, President of the National Congress of American Indians Fawn Sharp and others at 8:30 a.m. am MT this morning on a session titled: “America Is All In: A Society-Wide Mobilization to Meet US Climate Goals.” You can watch the live stream here and check out the governor’s full schedule at the conference here.

Apparently it’s almost Christmas

Today, the Santa Fe City Park Division will begin decorating the plaza for the holiday season and will continue to do so until November 24 before the annual tree lighting the day after Thanksgiving (if you have to. hard to remember last year’s lighting, this was an online event). As usual, city workers will be installing thousands of decorative lights, garlands and farolitos throughout the Plaza area, a process requiring ladders and the use of a person lift to complete the job. . As such, the designated areas of the Plaza will be closed and barricades will be used for security. Motorists, pedestrians, and Plaza vendors are urged to exercise caution and look for alternative routes. All that to say: Apparently it’s holiday season now. Lest the city be thought to take the plunge, Christmas lights have already been illuminated in some of London’s shopping areas, it seems. And, apparently, post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales started a month earlier due to supply chain issues (also from capitalism) and the so-called ‘Christmas creep’ may have moved ahead of Halloween this year. .

Space chili harvest

ICYMI, Last Week’s Astronauts on the International Space Station harvested the first cultivated peppers in space, which they started cultivating last July. These are New Mexico peppers, an “Improved Espanola” hybrid that crosses a seed from northern New Mexico with the Hatch pepper. Regarding the research aspect, scientists are studying “microbial analysis to improve the understanding of plant-microbe interactions in space and the assessment by the crew of the flavor, texture and nutrition of first peppers grown in space ”. But we move away. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared a photo of the chilies, writing: “The whole crew can’t wait to have some fresh food! It is such a joy to grow (and eat) your own food, and necessary for further exploration of our solar system. In addition to sampling the peppers, the astronauts were should also complete surveys about them. They are also supposed to perform the second harvest next month. As for the food accompanying these peppers, astronaut Megan McArthur shared photos of her space tacos (beef fajita, rehydrated tomatoes, artichokes and Hatch pepper).

Vacation time?

Happy November, Santa Fe. The National Weather Service predicts a predominantly sunny day with a high of near 61 degrees and an easterly wind of 5 to 15 mph turning west in the afternoon

Thanks for reading! The Word Found Apausalypse, a short film following “artists and thinkers in Iceland as they interpret a world in the grip of the pandemic” somewhat mesmerizing. Special thanks to reader Greg for recommending Emergence magazine.



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