Airport jobs available as Heathrow launches recruitment drive – how to apply


Job seekers wanting to work at an airport have been given a boost after Heathrow confirmed it plans to recruit 600 more frontline staff.

The move follows the restart of transatlantic travel and the easing of international restrictions with roles available in many sectors.

New security and engineering jobs will be among the first frontline jobs to be created at Heathrow since the start of the pandemic. The airport is recruiting Security Officers, who will play a vital role in providing an exceptional service to passengers, while ensuring the security of a vital part of the UK’s national infrastructure.

Heathrow is also announcing a wide variety of engineering opportunities to help keep the airport running smoothly as passenger demand returns. Successful candidates for these positions will receive a competitive salary and attractive benefits package.

While passenger numbers at Central Airport remain 56% below pre-pandemic levels, the decision to end the US travel ban has revived the airport as the market represents 20 % of Heathrow’s passenger traffic and 31% of the port. freight charge.

The airport is now launching this recruitment campaign to ensure that it is well equipped to deal with an expected increase in passenger numbers before next summer. New recruits will undergo an extensive training program to obtain the required security clearance well in advance.

The easing of travel restrictions has progressed considerably, in line with the success of the vaccine rollout, but much more needs to be done to ensure a return to frictionless travel.

Many frontline positions are available at Heathrow Airport

Paula Stannett, Heathrow’s Chief People Officer, said: “It’s an incredible time to start a career in aviation and to be at the forefront of a world-class organization determined to build back better as we are recovering from the impacts of the pandemic.

“Many of Heathrow’s security officers have gone on to long and rewarding careers in various parts of our airport and in the wider aviation industry, so this is truly a rewarding opportunity at a pivotal time for our industry.

“We look forward to welcoming our new arrivals ahead of the summer, at the start of what we are sure will be a rewarding time at the UK’s only hub airport.”

For more information on new job opportunities and how to apply, visit Heathrow Careers

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