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KUWAIT CITY, August 23: The General Directorate of the Traffic Department has issued 8 instructions to taxi operating offices/companies. Drivers who violate these instructions will be held responsible.

As part of improving the taxi transportation service in the country and providing the best service to Kuwaitis and expatriates by ensuring their safety and the safety of the vehicle driver and facilitating smooth traffic on the roads, following instructions should be followed:

1. English and Arabic taxi licenses must be placed behind the driver’s seat / front passenger seat
2. Taxi company details and driver details including phone numbers should be displayed
3. Taxi Fare Meter should be operational for traveling taxis
4. The sign on the taxi must be illuminated indicating that there are no passengers
5. Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers anywhere on the streets
6. Taxi and on-call taxi drivers pledge not to pick up passengers at Kuwait International Airport
7. Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on the highway or major roads
8. Taxis are intended to carry passengers only and no goods/equipment/food are permitted to be carried


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