Toothpaste to lose weight

Posted by Allison Barnes

 I know it sounds like a joke but, again, it’s not. I had to rub my eyes several times (not my teeth) to contrast what I read the other day in a press release that they sent me. I checked the calendar: it was not December 28, nor April 1 (the particular day of the innocents in other countries: April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day ); I pinched myself, I was awake … that is, what I read had to be real . That is, there was someone who had put on the market a toothpaste that, in addition to leaving your teeth like the jets of gold … it helped you to lose weight . In fact, its main selling point, its slogan, is that as you can check on its website :

Dentifrice: smile thinning!

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His proposal to achieve such an end, his mystery , it turns out that it is something so elementary (I do not know how it had not occurred to anyone before) as leaving a bitter aftertaste in the mouth and thus avoid the propensity of the user to continue eating food or drinks rich in sugar … and hence the thinning. Of course, of course, of course. You can check it for yourself:

It is an innovative multifunctional product useful to preserve healthy and white teeth and keep the gums in perfect condition. It is characterized by an innovative blend of aromas that gives the product a bitter aftertaste. As it is known in scientific literature, sweet substances cause a pleasant sensation, whereas bitter taste does not favor the propensity to consume foods and / or drinks rich in sugars.

And as always an enlightened character endorsing the product : its creator, in this case a doctor providing the endorsement as an ideologue to such a prodigy, Dr. Giovanni Macrí , figure of international renown, known at home at the time of … brushing teeth .

For my part, it can not be said that I did not do my homework, as soon as I had the press release in my email inbox, I got in touch with communication, press and public relations services of the product, and kindly put myself at your disposal to receive all relevant scientific information that justifies such allegations. The woman of public relations of the product, solicitous as few, told me that in a few hours I would have that information in my mail . We said goodbye cordially. Those hours passed … also some days and, after a week I contacted her again. Then he explained that all the scientific articles on this subject were published in Italian . I replied that there was no problem, that in addition to having a “google translator” I had a close Italian friend and that he would send them to me, I would be happy to keep an eye on them. He confessed then that there really was only one and that he would send it to me shortly . Well, another week has passed since our last conversation and the article still does not appear in my email . Mmmmmmm, to see if as a “scientific article” these men and women believe that this should be served .

Anyway, I’m not going to stretch too long. Once again, this product shows the lamentable utilitarianism that is made of the issue of overweight and obesity. As regrettable, I also find the silence that our health authorities show us in these matters. Some questions that some people do not tremble when it comes to promoting their blogs with the most hilarious explanations :

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The good thing is that it is 100% natural. Its assets are essential oils act by aromatherapy by mouth or sublingual. In the end, it will be something similar to the Bach Flowers but in toothpaste.

Finally, I already say goodbye, two proposals . The first, if you think that this type of proposal can help you lose weight and you have already bought the skunk ass spray , I suggest that you do not spend more money on the dentifrice in question and that you brush your teeth with it. The second, known as the commercial agency that distributes the product exclusively in Spain and Portugal, which is none other than that of SAY SMILE SL, I suggest that you change it for another one more in line with the products you sell , for example SAY ROLF SL . It would only be an ironic suggestion on my part, if it were not for the damned grace that these things do at the bottom.