Enrique Arranz: "Interior denies private detectives access to a lot of information"

Posted by Allison Barnes

Interior denies private detectives access to a lot of information

Friendly looking Something clueless. With raincoat, look slightly disheveled and smoking stale cigars. With this description surely many people think of Lieutenant Columbo, the famous detective of the Los Angeles criminal brigade. Fleeing from the topics, the truth is that the figure of the private detective in Spain is far from this or other stereotypes. In less than a month will come into force the new Law on Private Security approved by the Popular Party, which will regulate

the sector and put an end to the intrusion. However, there are still many unknowns in a profession that has about 1,300 active licenses in our country. One third of them are in Catalonia. From the Catalan school, one of the three in the state, criticized some aspects that have not been collected, such as access to information that other professions do have, or the fact of being able to have a detective by trade. Claims made by Enrique Arranz, president of the Official Col·legi of Detectius Privats de Catalunya, the only entity in Spain that every month files complaints about work intrusions.

With the defaulter and fraud that is currently in our country, you will have more work than ever … Do you have more demand for services with the crisis?
There is still demand, but it is not the same as in 2007. Detectives from the university continue to come out, because there are promotions every year, but the volume of work is variable and does not allow too many people to join the workforce.

What kind of services are the most common now

What kind of services are the most common now

The solvency reports. We barely made it in 2007, now it has multiplied by a hundred. There is a lot of company research, fraud issues of all kinds, insurers, banks …

The banks, whom are they looking for?
We make locations related to debts. For example, if you asked for a loan some time ago and they do not find you, they have to be able to claim you. In my case I also do many topics of digital research, companies with leaks of information, mobile information, tablets, unfair competition with theft of internal information, sabotage, industrial espionage. There are also family issues, for the agreements of custodies , but less.

It is a matter of being practical, nowadays it is not necessary to prove infidelity for a divorce, for example, it is only in case you want to know if your partner deceives you. In a matter of custody is different, because a separation agreement may not be valid over the years because if there is a change in life and income, there are reasons to review whether it is fair that one of the two parties continue paying.

But not everyone can afford a detective!
Unfortunately, the detective service can not be requested ex officio. It would be useful in cases of harassment, of gender violence with complaints that are not investigated because they may be false, or because they can not cope … But it is not possible!

What type of client comes to you?
The majority is still companies, although the needs they have have varied. For example, feigned casualties have declined because people now do not play their jobs. At another time, it did.

When a case comes to them, they should already know how long it will take them, right?
There are usual cases and more or less anticipated the time and cost they may have, but they will never be mathematics, no matter how much experience you have. Many times we have to do a preliminary investigation to determine where we are going to arrive.

How much does a detective charge?
Before there was a fee table but there is a free market, each detective decides what he has to charge.

How many cases do you solve each year?
There is a report with a statistic data that the National Police Body (CNP) has, but it is not provided to anyone. They are investigations of private facts. We have a duty of secrecy.

From his experience, he will know how long it will take him to catch a morose, an infidel, a disloyal worker …
What I think is that, if someone comes to talk to me and I think I know where I’m going to catch the bad guy, I would not be a good detective. It is not good to dismiss things from experience. When you listen to a client you are already thinking about where they will go, but if you confirm or refute in a reliable way, we start badly. Sometimes it happens with the follow-ups, even if the client tells me to start at an hour, to avoid paying it, I prefer not to risk and do it exhaustively.

Have you ever caught it in a follow-up?
The detective is not invisible. They only discover you when you recognize that you are following someone … I have had the luck that has not happened to me.

Can you explain to me what is the secret of a good follow-up?
No. It makes me angry to explain how it is done. Explaining how we do our work makes it harder to keep doing it because you can give information to who does not intend to do good. It is not prudent to give the information. When I see someone on TV, I think he plays the fool and that he is not responsible.

If there is a client who wants to coax him, how do you know

If there is a client who wants to coax him, how do you knowI would love to realize and help me a little! We asked Interior to let us consult on family issues … imagine that a man who says he is your husband and who wants to locate you, shows me a photo. What if he is a stalker? Many times you have to say no because you intuit, because you smell something … but it would not cost anything to let us access information about reports of abuse or similar data.

Yes, many times, but we are not given! Do you see normal that a manager can access traffic information and not a detective? Or you go to a registry, and the registrar tells you that certain data will not give it to you, but that information is public and you have to give it to them. Many times we are not given information, and hey, I am three years in college, I am qualified by the National Police, by the Mossos, I have a registration book and I collaborate … But when I ask for information, they say no!

Maybe the figure of the detective is not well seen, and do not take them seriously …
I understand that someone has doubts about what a detective is. I am very normal, I am an entrepreneur who does research. The word detective must be explained so that we realize what it is, but we are normal people who do a job for which it is prepared and that has a great regulation.

And, what is the profile of a good detective?
I can not answer it (laughs) … I consider that he is the one who follows an adequate deontology solving many cases. But not if I solve many and I am a bully … in my office it is forbidden to end a call in a bad way, you have to work fine!

What do you mean by working fine?
If I call you and tell you that I need information and use a role, it has to be credible. And I have to finish that management without the person thinking … how strange is this call! There must be normality. In a follow-up, for example, you do not have to see me, even though I already have the image I’m looking for. As long as you do not commit any crime, all technique is good …

There is still a lot of mystery in your work, you do not solve crimes. Too much influence of movies and television?
The new law, one of the things that does not change is that we want to be able to investigate crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio. I can not investigate a crime. The law prevents me. I can only investigate at the request of parties issues such as fraud or unfair competition.


But can the police ask them for help with an investigation

But can the police ask them for help with an investigation

No. I’ve even talked to politicians and I’ve told them: “Hey, imagine your son is convicted of a homicide, and he’s filing resources. Do not you have the right to hire me to see if there is another culprit? ” It is a demand that we make since the first law, of the year 92. We have never understood it. We do not want to intervene in investigations, but rather that the citizen has the right to hire us.

In other countries can you?
Yes, each country has its regulation. In Italy, for example, detectives can participate in criminal matters.

Have you had to investigate other private detectives?
No, they asked me once and I did not. If you have to investigate for something you have done, I do not see it wrong.

How many years have you been a professional?
12 years. I am the youngest president of the Col·legi, I am 38 years old. But I’m not a detective, detective work. I am also a father, husband, student, teacher …

The new Private Security Law will soon come into force. In the absence of the regulation that develops it, how do you think it will affect them?
Great improvements for the citizen I do not see. The intrusion in theory was already in the preamble of the law of 92. You know, the school presents complaints against the intrusion every month, in Interior, in the CNP, in the Mossos … and nothing is done! We have an intrusion and deontology commission. With the current law we will continue doing the same, the results will be identical. I have the obligation to do them, every month we present three or four.

The complaints I write and I interpose them many times myself.

<br />The complaints I write and I interpose them many times myself.

They come directly to me as an anonymous tip, I sign her as president of the school and we provide evidence. Or … I ask people for a budget and they give it to me! Or we detect people who offer services on their websites, on the Internet, on some card. We do a lot of street and research. But the complaint remains in a drawer and nobody tells me anything.