Victoria Credit, mini-loans up to € 800

Benefits No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 5 days Deadline: 30 days Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 800

Additional information of Victoria Credit

Additional information of Victoria Credit


victory credit Crédito Victoria is a new company in which you can order mini-loans online up to € 800 and receive the money in just 15 minutes, all without questions and without paperwork. The answer is instantaneous and they grant loans with ASNEF or RAI provided that the debts that appear in these lists do not exceed € 2,000 and are not due to non-payment of other loans. The deadline to return the money is up to 30 days.

Crédito Victoria loans can be used for whatever you need, since they do not ask about the purpose and use of your money. Any unforeseen event of up to € 800 that can not wait can be solved in minutes with Crédito Victoria, although new customers can only ask for € 300.

The cost of the loan will depend on the chosen term, you will see the amount that you must return clearly on the web screen at the time of making the request, without hidden costs .

Crédito Victoria guarantees the security of your personal data throughout the process. Requests for money are made through a secure server.

Requirements to request a mini-credit

Crédito Victoria does not ask for any type of additional guarantee or documentation. Your automatic system decides instantly if you are granted the urgent money you need. The requirements demanded by this company to grant you the money are few but necessary, without them you will not get the mini credit:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Reside in Spain , is verified by DNI or NIE.
  • Having a source of income , no payroll is necessary since Crédito Victoria grants mini-loans without payroll.
  • Have a mobile phone number and an email account for registration and contact.

By fulfilling only those conditions, you can obtain a credit, no matter if you are in ASNEF, provided that the debt does not exceed € 2,000 and not with a financial institution.

How to ask for fast money in Victoria Credit

How to ask for fast money in Victoria Credit


The entire process to apply for a loan is online , it is not necessary to talk to any operator. First you must enter the web and the first thing you will see is a screen in which you must mark the amount of money you need, up to € 800 (€ 300 if you are a new client), and the term in days with a maximum of 30 days.

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Plant intelligence

Plant intelligence

Ridley Scott showed us in Blade runner that the line that separates us from the machines is thin and not necessarily red. Dian Fossey taught us to look at gorillas beyond the fog. And Stefa-
no Mancuso has revealed to us that there is sensitivity and intelligence in the plant world .

This is the title of a book (written in four hands with the journalist Alessandra Viola and published in Spanish by Galaxia Gutenberg), which explains in an informative and intelligent way, enjoyable but never hiding the complexity of the matter, that the plants do not have unique organs nor, therefore, brain; but that its reticular structure allows them to act intelligently , solving the problems that nature and human beings pose to them. And that thanks to that same provision by modules can not only manage visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory and olfactory information, but also of fifteen other types: “For example, they feel and calculate gravity, electromagnetic fields, humidity and are able to analyze numerous chemical gradients. ” It could be said, therefore, that there are twenty senses in the plant world .

Plants are also conscious and social beings

Plants are also conscious and social beings


They perceive both their own being and everything that surrounds them. Not only do they share data or create alliances with other plant organisms, they also do it with animals. They emit molecules called COVB, volatile compounds of biogenic origin, which they use as a form of communication. Aromatic plants, for example, produce specific odors that are very likely words , of “an authentic vegetable language, of which we still know very little”; and plants with flowers, others that allow them to communicate with pollinating insects, through private messages . It is known that trees compete in height or in expansion to ensure survival by reaching the water source or the sun’s rays; it is not so much so that when a plant genetically recognizes another in its environment, instead of competing with it, it establishes cooperation strategies. It could be said, therefore, that kinship laws similar to human laws are followed in the vegetable kingdom.

I repeat I could say because, obviously, we are forcing the language to understand a reality radically different from ours from human words and metaphors. After a reasonable resistance to these loans, the scientific community is accepting as a discipline the plant neurobiology. Its best-known exponent is Mancuso, who has run the International Plant Neurobiology Laboratory in Florence since 2005. But he is not alone. His laboratory not only collaborates with prestigious academic institutions (such as the University of Bonn, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Paris Diderot University or the British Imperial College), but has also spawned a research center in Kitakyushu (Japan), coordinated by Professor Tomonori Kawano. It is about continuing to investigate three main lines: intelligence, behavior and communication of plant organisms. And to do it in a network, adding to the new cause as many biologists and botanists as possible around the world.

We are in a fascinating moment in the history of humanity. During the 20th century, the rights of all those groups that the white man had denied during the previous centuries were recognized philosophically and legally. The change to the 21st century is characterized by a brutal expansion of this battlefield of otherness: some judges have recognized human rights to higher primates and the European Parliament proposes that robots be electronic people . Do animals, machines and vegetables also have intelligence and sensitivity? And, by extension, do they have the right to have their rights studied? In a world of genetic engineering laboratories and patented seeds, ethics starts from the consideration of a certain reality as an individual subject. Probably the slow path that leads to plants acquire identity has begun. It is not by chance that all this occurs with an apocalyptic backdrop: that of climate change. Twenty percent of the plants are in danger of extinction and sixty percent of the five hundred species of monkeys and apes in the world could disappear in the next fifty years.

The plants and their stories

The plants and their stories


While animal consciousness and artificial intelligence have long traditions of narrative representation, the life of plants, on the other hand, rarely deserves a particular development or stars fictions. Aracne, Silverstone, Chocolate Y Dwarf : that’s what the holm oaks of the Oliver sisters are called in the novel The ephemeral ones (Galaxia Gutenberg) by Pilar Adón, to give a very recent example. In Georgia O’Keeffe’s vegetable paintings – if we opt instead for a classical painter of the last century – there is also individual attention to lilies, coves, petunias or the cotton tree.

Our debt to plants begins in early childhood. While children learn both the names of the most common animals and those of species they will never see in reality, such as the snow leopard or the tyrannosaurus rex, learning the names of the trees and the flowers that surround them in House or street is delayed for years. Or maybe our debt to plants began many years earlier: in the childhood of humanity. As Mancuso reminds us in his TED talk, in the Old Testament God entrusts Noah with preserving a couple of each of the animals of the Earth, before flooding it savagely, but he does not say anything about the plant species.

Abuela Sauce de Pocahontas is one of the few vegetable characters of an imaginary

Abuela Sauce de <em>Pocahontas</em> is one of the few vegetable characters of an imaginary


the one of Disney, which is characterized -in exchange- by a systematic interest in turning the animal house into pop mythology. It is revealing that Pixar produced in 1995 its first animated film by computer, Toy story , from a demiurgic process similar to that Walt Disney and his heirs carried out innumerable times with animal beings, but applied to objects, things, toys. Like the characters of Pirandello or the replicants of Blade runner , the protagonists of Toy story become aware of their artificial being; in his case, of being fictions with a body that depend on the imagination of children, dematerialized and mutant. In the Cars series and in Wall-E the Pixar artisans insisted on the mythology of the everyday machine, incorporating cars and robots. When Disney bought them, therefore, the possession of some of the great stories featuring human, animal and artificial beings of our turn of the century was assured. But Grandma Willow is still a lonely, isolated, exceptional character.

In Jardinosofía. A philosophical history of gardens (Turner), Santiago Beruete traces the history of humanity showing how gardens have been the philosophical mirror of each era. What was considered beauty, order, perfection, dialogue or trip was represented – and still is – in the gardens of that society. From romanticism invented and miniature nature will also mean threat. And in the twentieth century, while Europe loses its colonies and imposes a postcolonial gaze, gardens are also to be observed – like zoos – as spaces of domination and violence.

In parallel, while so many stories insisted on the beauty of the flower or on the bonhomie of ancient trees, plant monsters proliferated in the realm of fantastic, scientific and horror genres. Science fiction has, in fact, provided the great fictional, cinematic and teleserial examples of that danger, which often translates into invasion. Pods, spores, carnivorous plants and anthropomorphic plants, often of alien origin, attack us or invade us in The Day of the Trifids (1951), by John Wyndham, The Invasion of the Ultra Bodies (1978), by Don Siegel, or La store of the horrors (1960), by Roger Corman. These stories reveal a fear of the monstrous vegetable parallel to that represented by animals (remember The birds of Hitchcock), but more rare, more rare. Although it is a fact that, as Mancuso reminds us: “The vegetable kingdom represents 99.5 percent of the mass of the planet.”

In the awareness of this overwhelming fact is the film The Incident (2008), by M. Night Shyamalan, whose plot can be understood from the studies of plant neurologists, who have also investigated how plants can change taste or even emit dissuasive chemicals “on all the leaves, which – by volatile chemical signals released into the atmosphere – will alert the surrounding plants to do the same.” The film begins with the suicide of several characters in parks in New York. The protagonist, science teacher, in the short time of reflection that gives the frantic escape of that invisible threat, understands that it is a plant conspiracy: the trees have agreed, the plants have begun to release a neurotoxin whose goal is to drive us mad and destroy us. It is implied that the plant kingdom has understood that we are a colossal threat and has decided to neutralize us.

In praise of the slowness

In praise of the slowness


We can not accept that there is intelligence and sensitivity in the plant world because literature and cinema have not prepared us for centuries to take that consciousness, as they have done with the animal and the robotic. Maybe it’s a matter of speeds. For millennia we felt that animals and machines moved at speeds similar to ours. Now our car is much faster than the cheetah and our mobile phone can perform algorithmic operations that our brain can not dream, but we continue to perceive those two kingdoms in an approximate synchrony with ours. The vegetable, on the other hand, moves much more slowly. If it were not for the wind, how well M. Night Shyamalan knows how to suggest the conversation of the leaves, it would seem that he is still.

But the 21st century has given us a great metaphor to understand it. Plants are swarming intelligences, they are emergent systems, they are superorganisms: they are decentralized, they are horizontal, infinite nodes in a network. . If the Earth was formed about 4,600 million years ago, cell life was born about a billion years later and the first ancestor of algae emerged about 1,600 million years ago, the presence of vegetation outside water is relatively recent: It dates back to about 700 million years. But do not forget that the plants were the pioneers of that colonization. We, the primates, did not arrive until 650 million years later. In other words: animals are not only 0.5 percent of the mass of the planet, we also represent a tiny fraction of a biological history that engulfs us in its immensity. Millions of years before Jorge Luis Borges wrote La biblioteca de Babel , nature had already built structures that functioned like the internet.

They are incomprehensible

They are incomprehensible


leader of the Slow Food movement, about what we can learn from the plant world. At a certain moment, Petrini evokes a trip to Costa Rica and speaks of the lessons that it entailed: “The predisposition to solidarity, which requires slowness, since it involves listening to the other”. The attention is only obtained after a deceleration process. To attend is to become aware of the context in which the other exists. You can see the history of science, precisely, as the succession of laboratories of extreme attention. People and equipment, supported by the appropriate technology, who knew how to observe and listen to nature.

In the first pages of Sensibility and intelligence in the plant world Mancuso reviews the historical encounters and disagreements between scientists and plants. The tour was expanded in his next book, Uomini che amano le piante. Storie di scienziati del mondo vegetale (published by Galaxia Gutenberg this year in Spanish), an authentic genealogy in which he is the penultimate link. From these readings it is deduced that the encounters of the scientists with their subjects of study are as important as with other human interlocutors, living or dead. The pages that Andrea Wulf dedicates in The invention of nature . The new world of Alexander von Humboldt (Taurus) while those two readers, writers, travelers and scientists, Goethe and Humboldt, spent together in Jena and Weimar. The mutual intellectual exaltation, the colossal stimulus that involves the exchange of ideas between two people who are considering the same problems. Because Goethe not only wrote The Misadventures of Young Werther , Elective Affinities or Faust – to name some of his most famous literary works – but also ” The Metamorphosis of Plants , in which he argued that there was an archetypal or primordial way that served of base to the vegetal world “. In his free time he designed gardens.

Although the trips are decisive to understand the monumental humboldtian contribution to human knowledge, they must be contrapunted with those encounters. Discoveries must necessarily bear fruit in the form of conversations, lectures or books. The first thing Darwin did when he published Diary of a Naturalist’s Journey around the World was to send it to “his idol, he resorted to flattery and wrote in the letter of accompaniment that Humboldt’s stories about South America had inspired him the desire to travel”. This is how the intellectual tradition on which the changes in consciousness are based is built.

Wulf also explains the intense intellectual dialogue between Thoreau and Emerson: although they made thousands of separate excursions, the epistolary exchange and the conversation catalyzed the solidity of their respective systems of thought. Both sought “the unity of nature,” but they differed in the vehicle to find it. While Emerson “believed that this unity could not be discovered only by rational thought, but also by intuition or by some kind of divine revelation,” the author of Walden shared with Humboldt the conviction that “totality” could only be understood by understanding the connections, correlations, details. “

Therefore, it is not a matter of converting the consciousness of our ancient debt with the vegetable kingdom into a religious feeling or into a new age fashion. We must, on the other hand, continue to learn about these complex and fascinating systems, with their own manifestations of intelligence and sensitivity. Observe. Hear. Pay attention. Without hurry but without pause, knowing that our speed is not that of the plants and that it is necessary to look for new synchronicities. They are not in a hurry. Fruits, vegetables and vegetables have taken over a large part of our diets. Spices have colonized our palate. Roses or orchids have conquered our beauty canon. Tobacco and marijuana have invaded our lungs and our brains. We eliminate the trees to build our cities and then fill them with parks, gardens, new trees. They know how to wait for the moment to rectify. Remember the title of Jorge Wagensberg: If nature is the answer, what was the question? (Tusquets).

On YouTube there are thousands of videos that show you, on a fast camera

On YouTube there are thousands of videos that show you, on a fast camera

the flowering, the growth or the expansion of the plants. Tolkien created the ents , those shepherd trees of Middle-earth that, despite moving slowly, collaborate in the triumph of the forces of good over the forces of evil. Like the Grandmother Willow, the ents translate to our time an ancient mythology, that of the talking and wise trees. Also part of our collective unconscious is the language of flowers, which during the Victorian era became an authentic secret code, so that you could send or receive encrypted telegrams in the key of floral arrangements, and some of whose meanings still survive: Red roses still mean love, white flowers still suggest innocence. In stories and legends the plants have always spoken to us. The time is coming when, at last, we will be technologically and scientifically prepared not only to listen to them, but also to understand them.

In the distant future, an essayist may write that the film was about that. The arrival (2016), by Denis Villeneuve: not from our dialogue with alien intelligences, but from our very slow discovery of the language of the oldest living beings on Earth.

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The bank sees as a "contradiction" pay to give loans with a negative Euribor

The bank sees as a “contradiction” pay to give loans with a negative Euribor


The employers of Spanish entities are lost in an environment of low and negative rates in certain values

The bank sees as a &quot;contradiction&quot; pay to give loans with a negative Euribor

The president of the Spanish Banking Association ( AEB ), José María Roldán , argues that for the next 24 months, the maintenance of low interest rates in the short term and the application of the latest regulatory developments affect the activity of the banks, as well as technological transformation and problems at the level of competition, among which has cited the ‘shadow banking’. Roldán has insisted on the need for banks to become strong and not allow this environment to prevent them from undertaking the necessary investments to deal with processes such as digitization, which will help them save costs.

He has predicted that the bank credit “will see positive figures” at the end of the year, as long as there is “no accident”, and has pointed out that at present in Spain all credit demand is being met, which is “the only way “for entities to improve their margins in an environment of interest rates close to zero.

Negative types, a “contradiction”

Roldán has warned that the negative entry of the Euribor at a daily rate can lead to a “contradiction” that would mean asking whether the bank should pay to lend money and charge for attracting products. “Paying someone for borrowing and charging for bringing resources is a contradiction,” he said.

The president of the AEB has warned that this situation “is not healthy, neither sustainable nor reasonable”, while he has warned of the pressure he would add to banks to improve their margins. Roldán has limited the impact of a negative Euribor that may lead to charging for the mortgage before the spreads fixed in the mortgage contracts. “We still will not see widespread cases,” he said.

The president of the banking employers has advocated a legal reflection on the matter, because “it is not clear” if the bank will have to pay for lending if necessary, and has relied on a ‘normalization’ of interest rates, which has located in two or three years.

Roldán has argued that the contracts set interest for returning the term money. In this sense, he has defended linking mortgages to fixed rates , although he has warned that people would not pay 3% or 5% for their mortgage loan. He also indicated that it would “make sense” to link mortgages to references such as public debt, although he regretted that no more “more stable” rates had been used. “It’s a demand problem,” he insisted.

Higher capital requirement

Higher capital requirement


 During his speech at the Europa Press news breakfasts, Roldán pointed out that at a system level the capital requirements of the banks are increasing, which is causing the financial activity of the entities to move to other types of environments, and has put as an example the Capital Markerts Union.

“This is an example of how it is being tried that at the same time that you know that the banks are going to be more selective in the financing, to generate alternatives of financing in markets. It is a reflection that we can not ignore, “he said. In this regard, he recalled that regulators always say that there is no evidence that higher capital requirements lead to a decline in the supply of credit.

However, Roldán understands that higher capital requirements that put pressure on profitability will cause entities to focus on those business segments in which they have an advantage and abandon others where they have no possibility. At this point, the president of the banking employers has warned of the need to keep in mind the transition in this process. “Be careful not to press the banks so hard, that we will have financing problems in some countries in less than four years without having the capital market alternatives still in force,” he warned.


Good results from banking

Good results from banking

In this context, Roldán believes that the results presented by Spanish entities at the end of 2015 have been “good enough” considering the low interest rates and the need to make specific provisions to clean up the balance sheets as a result of the crisis.

Thus, he wanted to compare the situation of Spanish banking with international banking and stressed that the national model allows more stable returns over time. “It is true that the improvement is very slow and it is not enough to reach the cost of capital, but when comparing Spain with other business models, its model is less volatile and more stable, where there are no negative surprises, unlike other international banks, “he said.

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Enrique Arranz: "Interior denies private detectives access to a lot of information"

Interior denies private detectives access to a lot of information

Friendly looking Something clueless. With raincoat, look slightly disheveled and smoking stale cigars. With this description surely many people think of Lieutenant Columbo, the famous detective of the Los Angeles criminal brigade. Fleeing from the topics, the truth is that the figure of the private detective in Spain is far from this or other stereotypes. In less than a month will come into force the new Law on Private Security approved by the Popular Party, which will regulate

the sector and put an end to the intrusion. However, there are still many unknowns in a profession that has about 1,300 active licenses in our country. One third of them are in Catalonia. From the Catalan school, one of the three in the state, criticized some aspects that have not been collected, such as access to information that other professions do have, or the fact of being able to have a detective by trade. Claims made by Enrique Arranz, president of the Official Col·legi of Detectius Privats de Catalunya, the only entity in Spain that every month files complaints about work intrusions.

With the defaulter and fraud that is currently in our country, you will have more work than ever … Do you have more demand for services with the crisis?
There is still demand, but it is not the same as in 2007. Detectives from the university continue to come out, because there are promotions every year, but the volume of work is variable and does not allow too many people to join the workforce.

What kind of services are the most common now

What kind of services are the most common now

The solvency reports. We barely made it in 2007, now it has multiplied by a hundred. There is a lot of company research, fraud issues of all kinds, insurers, banks …

The banks, whom are they looking for?
We make locations related to debts. For example, if you asked for a loan some time ago and they do not find you, they have to be able to claim you. In my case I also do many topics of digital research, companies with leaks of information, mobile information, tablets, unfair competition with theft of internal information, sabotage, industrial espionage. There are also family issues, for the agreements of custodies , but less.

It is a matter of being practical, nowadays it is not necessary to prove infidelity for a divorce, for example, it is only in case you want to know if your partner deceives you. In a matter of custody is different, because a separation agreement may not be valid over the years because if there is a change in life and income, there are reasons to review whether it is fair that one of the two parties continue paying.

But not everyone can afford a detective!
Unfortunately, the detective service can not be requested ex officio. It would be useful in cases of harassment, of gender violence with complaints that are not investigated because they may be false, or because they can not cope … But it is not possible!

What type of client comes to you?
The majority is still companies, although the needs they have have varied. For example, feigned casualties have declined because people now do not play their jobs. At another time, it did.

When a case comes to them, they should already know how long it will take them, right?
There are usual cases and more or less anticipated the time and cost they may have, but they will never be mathematics, no matter how much experience you have. Many times we have to do a preliminary investigation to determine where we are going to arrive.

How much does a detective charge?
Before there was a fee table but there is a free market, each detective decides what he has to charge.

How many cases do you solve each year?
There is a report with a statistic data that the National Police Body (CNP) has, but it is not provided to anyone. They are investigations of private facts. We have a duty of secrecy.

From his experience, he will know how long it will take him to catch a morose, an infidel, a disloyal worker …
What I think is that, if someone comes to talk to me and I think I know where I’m going to catch the bad guy, I would not be a good detective. It is not good to dismiss things from experience. When you listen to a client you are already thinking about where they will go, but if you confirm or refute in a reliable way, we start badly. Sometimes it happens with the follow-ups, even if the client tells me to start at an hour, to avoid paying it, I prefer not to risk and do it exhaustively.

Have you ever caught it in a follow-up?
The detective is not invisible. They only discover you when you recognize that you are following someone … I have had the luck that has not happened to me.

Can you explain to me what is the secret of a good follow-up?
No. It makes me angry to explain how it is done. Explaining how we do our work makes it harder to keep doing it because you can give information to who does not intend to do good. It is not prudent to give the information. When I see someone on TV, I think he plays the fool and that he is not responsible.

If there is a client who wants to coax him, how do you know

If there is a client who wants to coax him, how do you knowI would love to realize and help me a little! We asked Interior to let us consult on family issues … imagine that a man who says he is your husband and who wants to locate you, shows me a photo. What if he is a stalker? Many times you have to say no because you intuit, because you smell something … but it would not cost anything to let us access information about reports of abuse or similar data.

Yes, many times, but we are not given! Do you see normal that a manager can access traffic information and not a detective? Or you go to a registry, and the registrar tells you that certain data will not give it to you, but that information is public and you have to give it to them. Many times we are not given information, and hey, I am three years in college, I am qualified by the National Police, by the Mossos, I have a registration book and I collaborate … But when I ask for information, they say no!

Maybe the figure of the detective is not well seen, and do not take them seriously …
I understand that someone has doubts about what a detective is. I am very normal, I am an entrepreneur who does research. The word detective must be explained so that we realize what it is, but we are normal people who do a job for which it is prepared and that has a great regulation.

And, what is the profile of a good detective?
I can not answer it (laughs) … I consider that he is the one who follows an adequate deontology solving many cases. But not if I solve many and I am a bully … in my office it is forbidden to end a call in a bad way, you have to work fine!

What do you mean by working fine?
If I call you and tell you that I need information and use a role, it has to be credible. And I have to finish that management without the person thinking … how strange is this call! There must be normality. In a follow-up, for example, you do not have to see me, even though I already have the image I’m looking for. As long as you do not commit any crime, all technique is good …

There is still a lot of mystery in your work, you do not solve crimes. Too much influence of movies and television?
The new law, one of the things that does not change is that we want to be able to investigate crimes that can be prosecuted ex officio. I can not investigate a crime. The law prevents me. I can only investigate at the request of parties issues such as fraud or unfair competition.


But can the police ask them for help with an investigation

But can the police ask them for help with an investigation

No. I’ve even talked to politicians and I’ve told them: “Hey, imagine your son is convicted of a homicide, and he’s filing resources. Do not you have the right to hire me to see if there is another culprit? ” It is a demand that we make since the first law, of the year 92. We have never understood it. We do not want to intervene in investigations, but rather that the citizen has the right to hire us.

In other countries can you?
Yes, each country has its regulation. In Italy, for example, detectives can participate in criminal matters.

Have you had to investigate other private detectives?
No, they asked me once and I did not. If you have to investigate for something you have done, I do not see it wrong.

How many years have you been a professional?
12 years. I am the youngest president of the Col·legi, I am 38 years old. But I’m not a detective, detective work. I am also a father, husband, student, teacher …

The new Private Security Law will soon come into force. In the absence of the regulation that develops it, how do you think it will affect them?
Great improvements for the citizen I do not see. The intrusion in theory was already in the preamble of the law of 92. You know, the school presents complaints against the intrusion every month, in Interior, in the CNP, in the Mossos … and nothing is done! We have an intrusion and deontology commission. With the current law we will continue doing the same, the results will be identical. I have the obligation to do them, every month we present three or four.

The complaints I write and I interpose them many times myself.

<br />The complaints I write and I interpose them many times myself.

They come directly to me as an anonymous tip, I sign her as president of the school and we provide evidence. Or … I ask people for a budget and they give it to me! Or we detect people who offer services on their websites, on the Internet, on some card. We do a lot of street and research. But the complaint remains in a drawer and nobody tells me anything.

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Toothpaste to lose weight

 I know it sounds like a joke but, again, it’s not. I had to rub my eyes several times (not my teeth) to contrast what I read the other day in a press release that they sent me. I checked the calendar: it was not December 28, nor April 1 (the particular day of the innocents in other countries: April Fool’s Day or All Fools’ Day ); I pinched myself, I was awake … that is, what I read had to be real . That is, there was someone who had put on the market a toothpaste that, in addition to leaving your teeth like the jets of gold … it helped you to lose weight . In fact, its main selling point, its slogan, is that as you can check on its website :

Dentifrice: smile thinning!

Image result for smile

His proposal to achieve such an end, his mystery , it turns out that it is something so elementary (I do not know how it had not occurred to anyone before) as leaving a bitter aftertaste in the mouth and thus avoid the propensity of the user to continue eating food or drinks rich in sugar … and hence the thinning. Of course, of course, of course. You can check it for yourself:

It is an innovative multifunctional product useful to preserve healthy and white teeth and keep the gums in perfect condition. It is characterized by an innovative blend of aromas that gives the product a bitter aftertaste. As it is known in scientific literature, sweet substances cause a pleasant sensation, whereas bitter taste does not favor the propensity to consume foods and / or drinks rich in sugars.

And as always an enlightened character endorsing the product : its creator, in this case a doctor providing the endorsement as an ideologue to such a prodigy, Dr. Giovanni Macrí , figure of international renown, known at home at the time of … brushing teeth .

For my part, it can not be said that I did not do my homework, as soon as I had the press release in my email inbox, I got in touch with communication, press and public relations services of the product, and kindly put myself at your disposal to receive all relevant scientific information that justifies such allegations. The woman of public relations of the product, solicitous as few, told me that in a few hours I would have that information in my mail . We said goodbye cordially. Those hours passed … also some days and, after a week I contacted her again. Then he explained that all the scientific articles on this subject were published in Italian . I replied that there was no problem, that in addition to having a “google translator” I had a close Italian friend and that he would send them to me, I would be happy to keep an eye on them. He confessed then that there really was only one and that he would send it to me shortly . Well, another week has passed since our last conversation and the article still does not appear in my email . Mmmmmmm, to see if as a “scientific article” these men and women believe that this should be served .

Anyway, I’m not going to stretch too long. Once again, this product shows the lamentable utilitarianism that is made of the issue of overweight and obesity. As regrettable, I also find the silence that our health authorities show us in these matters. Some questions that some people do not tremble when it comes to promoting their blogs with the most hilarious explanations :

Image result for 100% natural

The good thing is that it is 100% natural. Its assets are essential oils act by aromatherapy by mouth or sublingual. In the end, it will be something similar to the Bach Flowers but in toothpaste.

Finally, I already say goodbye, two proposals . The first, if you think that this type of proposal can help you lose weight and you have already bought the skunk ass spray , I suggest that you do not spend more money on the dentifrice in question and that you brush your teeth with it. The second, known as the commercial agency that distributes the product exclusively in Spain and Portugal, which is none other than that of SAY SMILE SL, I suggest that you change it for another one more in line with the products you sell , for example SAY ROLF SL . It would only be an ironic suggestion on my part, if it were not for the damned grace that these things do at the bottom.

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